Yona Verwer Lectures & Panels

I have organized, presented and moderated discussions on many topics, including the New York art world, art & faith, Jewish diversity in art, feminist art, Dutch Jewish art, and Jewish artists forming new partnerships.

Yona Verwer presenting “Hebrews & Hip-Hop” at the Jewish Museum, NYC

These took place at panels and conferences in New York City, Philadelphia, the Berkshires, including events hosted by:

The Jewish Museum, New York, NY.

Y.U. Museum, New York, NY.

American Sephardi Federation, New York, NY.

Van Leer Institute - Polonsky Academy, Jerusalem, Israel.

Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art, Philadelphia, PA

JCC Manhattan, New York, NY.

14 Street Y (LABA Festival), New York, NY

Limmud NY 2012.

Educational Alliance, New York, NY.

Brandeis House, New York, NY.

Stanton Street Synagogue, New York, NY.

Columbia / Barnard Kraft Center, New York, NY.

Lower Manhattan Arts Academy, New York, NY.

Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, Falls Village, CT.

Council of Jewish Émigré Community Organizations, New York, NY.

RJeneration, New York, NY.

The Equity Project Charter School, New York, NY.

Makor / Steinhardt Center

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Moderating panel Blue Like Me at the American Sephardi Federation.



Association for Jewish Studies 51st Annual Conference, San Diego, CA, Contemporary Jewish Art Organizations: A New Dynamic.

92 St Y, New York, NY, Spinoza in our Time (Conney Conference). Moderator Ori Z. Soltes.

92 St Y, New York, NY, Anti-Semitism and Jewish Art (Conney Conference). Moderator Ruth  Weisberg.

Suffolk Y JCC, Commack, NY, Today’s Jewish Art: How Contemporary Jewish Artists are Revolutionizing the Art World.


Riverside Church, NYC, Interfaith Discussion at Stations of the Cross Exhibit. Moderator Dr. Carolyn Rosen, Panelists Siona Benjamin and Dua Abbas. Hosted by Rev. Ellen Robinson. Introduction by Yona Verwer.


Koslowe Gallery, Mamaroneck, NY, Meditations on Place with Cynthia Beth Rubin.


The American Sephardi Federation, NYC, Blue Like Me. Panelists Siona Benjamin and Ryan Arey. Moderator Yona Verwer. 

The Jerusalem Biennale of Contemporay Jewish Art, Van Leer Institute / Polonsky Academy, Jerusalem. New York / New Work. Panelists Richard McBee, Cynthia Beth Rubin, Yona Verwer, David Wander. Moderator Dvora Liss.


The Equity Project Charter School, NYC, Artist-in-Residence, April 4.


Y.U. Museum, NYC, Curator’s Talk with Zachary P. Levine. September 10.

Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, Falls Village, CT, Revolutionizing the Jewish Art Community.

Y.U. Museum, NYC, It’s a Thin Line, Artist Talk with Ilana Benson and Ben Schachter.

Columbia / Barnard Kraft Center, NYC, Jewish Narrative Art. Panelists: Eden Morris, Joel Silverstein, Elke Reva Sudin, Yona Verwer. Moderator Richard McBee. December 17.


Limmud NY, Radical Jewish Art and Community. Panelists: Patricia Eszter Margit of Art Kibbutz, Rabbi Greg Wall of the 6th St Shul, Yona Verwer of the Jewish Art Salon. Moderator Marc Michael Epstein. January 15.


The Jewish Museum, NYC, Dutch Jewish Art Today. November 7.

JCC Manhattan, NYC, Jewish Diversity in Art, with Prof. Matthew Baigell, Siona Benjamin, and Lacey Schwartz. Moderated by Yona Verwer. June 27

Y.U. Museum, NYC, Panel Discussion Dura Europos: Then and Now - Contemporary Appropriations of Biblical Themes. With Stephen Fine, Ori Z. Soltes, Richard McBee & Joel Silverstein. March 14.

Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art - Conference of the Council of American Jewish Museums. A new creative spirit: How contemporary Jewish artists are forming partnerships with American Jewish museums, synagogues and institutions. With Ori Z. Soltes, Cynthia Beth Rubin, Richard McBee & Joel Silverstein. February 28.


Brandeis House, NYC, Women’s Council Speaker Series

Congregation Mt. Sinai, NYC, Artists at Mt Sinai. 


Lower Manhattan Arts Academy, NYC, November 15th.

14 Street Y, NYC, Tzelem: Likeness and Presence in Jewish Art, with Tobi Kahn, Joel Silverstein & Richard McBee. May 10th. (LABA Festival).

Stanton Street Synagogue, NYC, Women & Jewish Art, with Gail Levin, Siona Benjamin, Rachel Kanter & Janet Shafner. Moderated by Ori Z. Soltes. May 3rd.

Stanton Street Synagogue, NYC, Mima’amakim. April 28th

14 Street Y, NYC, Jewish Art Salon. March 29th

Stanton Street Synagogue, NYC, Tzelem: Likeness and Presence in Jewish Art, with Joel Silverstein & Richard McBee. March 16th.


Educational Alliance, NYC, Made in the USA, moderated David Gibson.


Makor / Steinhardt Center, NYC, Wandering, moderated by Dominique Nahas.



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