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II. Lower East Side Interiors


Painted Panels - The following synagogues are featured:

Stanton Street Shul, Kedosha Janina, Eldridge Street Synagogue, Mesivta Tifereth Jerusalem, Town & Village Synagogue, Community Synagogue/Sixth Street Shul, Bialystoker Synagogue, Orensanz Foundation, Chassam Sopher,  Awarath Jeshurun, Mezeritch Shul.

There are 16 panels in total, each 30” x 24”. Smaller size prints are available.

Click on the images to enlarge.


These painted panels, each 30” x 24”, were created for the eruv exhibit at Yeshiva University Museum’s “It’s a Thin Line: The Eruv and Jewish Community in New York & Beyond”. Later they were exhibited at the Tribeca Synagogue of the Arts.

The paintings are a protest of the impact that the lack of an eruv on the Lower East Side has on families with young children and the infirm.


For more information on this issue click here.

These images are also available as prints.

Awarath Jeshurun: Window

Bialystoker Synagogue: Zodiac mural Elul, zodiac mural Sivan

Chassam Sopher: Torah mantle

Community Synagogue / Sixth Street Shul: Window

Eldridge Street Synagogue: Kiki Smith’s window

Kehila Kedosha Janina: Torah mantle

Mesivta Tifereth Jerusalem: Yahrzeit plaques

Mezeritch Shul: Window

Orensanz Foundation: Two windows

Stanton Street Shul: Zodiac mural Elul, zodiac mural Sivan, window

Town & Village Synagogue: Torah mantle


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Two series:


I. History, Heritage and New York’s Lower East Side


A series of imagery reflecting the Lower East Side is mixed with traditional Jewish zodiac signs and related motifs from of the Stanton St. Synagogue.

This interactive series allows you to explore hidden videos of the zodiac signs in the Stanton Street Shul, and listen to a bit of history interpreted by Elyssa Sampson. 

Media: digital print, acrylic paints and augmented reality on canvas.

A collaboration between Cynthia Beth Rubin and Yona Verwer.

Historical advisor: Elissa Sampson. Music by Bob Gluck.

Click here for the collaborative “History, Heritage & Lower East Side” website and images.

History, Heritage and

the Lower East Side

“Sivan and the Stanton Street Shul”

©2015 Rubin / Verwer

Digital print, acrylic paints and augmented reality on canvas.