Sin City

Interactive installations

by Katarzyna Kozera and Yona Verwer


“Sin City” is a series of multi-media artworks, incorporating digital images, acrylic paint, augmented reality and soundscapes.

They focus on various city problems; the first city selected is Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

It is a collaboration between Dutch-born artist Yona Verwer and Polish-born artist Katarzyna Kozera.

The triptych Echoes - European Anti-Semitism Then and Now portrays past and current anti-Semitism in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

Sound by Dan Schwarz, videos by Yona Verwer.

Troubled Waters focuses on Amsterdam’s past and present problems regarding women’s imprisonment. Its current problem is sex trafficking; women held against their will in the Red Light district. The past issue is the mass deportation of Jewish women to the Nazi death camps during World war II.

Sound by Dan Schwarz and Alon Nechushtan. Video editing by Francesca Giovannetti.

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Art Stations of the Cross - Troubled Waters

An Exhibition across Amsterdam in 14+1 Iconic Destinations

March 6 - April 22, 2019.

Curators: Marleen Hengelaar and Aniko Ouweneel.

This unique public art project will take visitors on a creative and contemplative journey, using the story and symbols of the Passion to reflect upon contemporary injustices, from refugees to victims of sex-trafficking.

I will exhibit a collaborative, interactive artwork called “Troubled Waters”. It focuses on Amsterdam’s past and present problems regarding women’s imprisonment: the deportation of Jews in WWII vs. the sex trade slavery.

Visual art by Yona Verwer and Katarzyna Kozera.

Embedded in the paintings are augmented reality videos by Francesca Giovannetti, with sounds by Alon Nechushtan and Dan Schwartz.

Venue: Reinwardt Academy, Hortusplantsoen 2, Amsterdam.

Open: Mo-Fri 10:00-17:00.

The project takes inspiration from the tradition of the Stations of the Cross, which represent 14 events along Jesus’ final journey through Jerusalem—from his condemnation to crucifixion and burial. This exhibition will chart its own Via Dolorosa, or Way of Suffering, with stops in 14+1 sites across the city of Amsterdam. The route will take about 2 hours on foot. It can be partly done by tram.

The exhibition will focus on Amsterdam’s historic identity as a port-city. The sea can be a place of miracles—as the Bible teaches—but it is also the site of trauma. Syrian refugees have attempted perilous crossings of the Mediterranean to escape their country’s civil war. Young people have arrived in Europe via shipping containers, only to be enslaved in sex-work. And rising water temperatures caused by climate change have led to unprecedented natural disasters, especially impacting the poor.

Instead of easy answers, Art Stations of the Cross aims to provoke the passions: artistically, spiritually, and ethically. Each of the 14+1 stations will feature a work of art, whether an existing work or a new site-specific installation. 

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