Yona Verwer Art Coach


I work with artists who want to sustain or improve their careers, and those who are just beginning to enter the marketplace.

I support you in making informed decisions about your career development, as well as assist in meeting those goals.

It is a solution-oriented approach, which involves working with you to see what concrete steps you can take to achieve career objectives.

Learn to create breakthrough results.

  1. Understand where you are right now in your career.

  2. Create and follow an action plan.

  3. Create more visibility and become business savvy.

  4. Develop presentation tools.

  5. Targeting your ideal museum / gallery.

  6. Learn to generate feature articles in newspapers and online.

  7. Develop strategies to exhibit and sell your artwork.

  8. Social media: learn which work best for you, and how to use them.

I have successfully coached artists in COJECO’s Fellowship program, as well as artists of the Jewish Art Salon, both in online sessions and in person. 

Some of the COJECO projects I helped come to fruition:

Chavruta Chatting Space        Re-Turn         The Art Sprinter        IDF Project

Inseparable Borders         100 Views of New Jerusalem         Speak Memory

Chavruta Bots - interactive installation that explores the metamorphosis of meaning of cultural texts through online communication between people and algorithms.

Re: Turn - Photographic Narratives of Russian-speaking Orthodox Jews

Inseparable Borders - Art exhibition NYC.

Art Sprinter - Global art competition and NYC exhibit

IDF Proj
ect Fundraiser

Speak Memory - art exhibit exploring Russian-Jewish immigrant identity

“100 Views of New Jerusalem” - Art exhibiting creating a wider awareness of modern Jerusalem’s image.


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