Yona Verwer - Curation


I have curated and / or produced critically-acclaimed exhibitions for museums and galleries, as well as lectures, studio visits and other events.



Program Advisor virtual art events:

Curators: Judith Joseph and Dorit Jordan Dotan.

Program Advisor: Yona Verwer.

Program Assistants: Cheselyn Amato and Chana Wiesenthal Elias.


Oct. 13:  Andi Arnovitz, Cheselyn Amato, Quimetta Perle

Oct. 20:  Phillip Schwartz, Leah Raab, Joel Silverstein

Nov.17:  Julian Voloj and Siona Benjamin

Dec. 15: Ashley Scott Fitzgerald, Asherah Cinnamon, and Diane Britt

Dec. 22: Audrey Frank Anastasi, Alan Lucks, and Joan Myerson Shrager

Jan. 12: Sarah Lightman, Carole Kunstadt and Debra Kapnek

Jan. 26: Carole Glauber, Miriam Stern and Linda Klein

Feb. 09: Emily Marbach, Deborah Ugoretz and Karey Kessler


Producer virtual art presentations:

  1. CHUTZPAH AS ART PRACTICE, with Shoshana Gugenheim.

  2. HINENI & EINENI + BRIGHT MOON – DARK COFFEE, with Billha Zussman, Yehudis Barmatz,

  3. JEWS OUTSIDE THE MARGINS, with Amy Rubin-Flett and Ezra Rose.

  4. I AM. AN IMMIGRANT, with Dorit Jordan Dotan.


  6. THE 2020 GLOBAL QUARANTINE AND THE RISE OF DIGI-ROMANTICISM, with Jada Art’s Jonatas Chimen and Dana Blickensderfer.

  7. FROM THERE TO HERE / VISUALIZING SHABBAT, with Ellen Holtzblatt, Ruth Simon McRae and Laurie Wohl.



  10. ART IN THE TIME OF CORONA, with Lenore Mizrachi-Cohen.

  11. Rethinking Judaica with New Media, with Hillel Smith.

  12. Not In Heaven: Artists as Partners In Creation, with Judith Cardozo and Dr. Susan Nashman Fraiman.

  13. A Tradition of Embellishment: Exploring the Aesthetics of Jewish Arts, with Cynthia Beth Rubin and Chana Wiesenthal Elias (facilitators) and Leah Caroline, Bob Gluck, Beth Haber, JS Horseman, Judith Joseph, Leslie Klein.

  14. Modern Jewish Narratives, with Archie Rand, Richard McBee & Joel Silverstein


Co-producer, JADA Art Fair, Miami Beach, FL. Curated by Jonatas Chimen.

Curatorial advisor & co-producer, Spinoza: Marrano of Reason, Amstelkerk, Amsterdam, and Plein van Siena, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Curated by Janet Heit, Billha Zussman and curatorial assistance by Goldie Gross. March 3-31, 2019.


Curatorial advisor & co-producer, On the Consequences of Hate Speech, art exhibit at the Manny Cantor Center, NYC. Curated by Rachel Kanter, co-curated by Robin Atlas and Nancy Current. December 3 - February 18, 2019.

Co-producer, Through Compassionate Eyes: The Ethical Treatment of Animals, curated by Julie Seidman, Joel Silverstein and Aimee Rubensteen. Charter Oak Cultural Center, Hartford, CT.

October 7-November, 2018.

Co-curator & co-producer, Invisible Jew, curated by Goldie Gross for the Jewish Art Salon, NYC, Detour Gallery, Red Bank, NJ, June 24 - July 12, 2018.

Curatorial advisor & co-producer, POW!!! Jewish Comic Art and Influence, art exhibit at the Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. Curators Joel Silverstein, Joshua Stulman, Goldie Gross. April 26-May 27, 2018. In conjunction with the 2nd Jewish Comic Con.

Co-organizer, POW!!! The Confluence of Jewish Identity, Comics and Fine Art, panel discussion in conjunction with the art exhibit POW!!! Jewish Comic Art and Influence. Panelists: Archie Rand, Julian Voloj, Simcha Weinstein, Joel Silverstein, Joshua Stulman and Goldie Gross. April 26, 2018.

Co-producer Jerusalem Between Heaven and Earth, curated by Ori Soltes; organized by Susan Chevlowe, Derfner Judaica Museum, Riverdale, NY, January 28-May 27, 2018.


Co-producer Dimensions of Spirituality – Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot, UJA-NY Gallery, NYC. September 5-November 30, 2017.

Co-producer, Jerusalem Between Heaven and Earth, curated by Ori Z. Soltes for the Jewish Art Salon, at the Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art. October 1-November 11, 2017.

Curatorial Advisor, Natural Instincts, curated by Goldie Gross for the Jewish Art Salon, at the Charter Oak Cultural Center, Hartford, CT. October-November 2017.

Co-producer, Blue Like Me, ACA Galleries, NYC. Reception & screening of Siona Benjamin’s documentary, April 19, 2017.


Curatorial Advisor, JOMIX - Jewish Comics; Art & Derivation, Sid Jacobson JCC, East Hills, NY. September 7 - December 10, 2016. Curators Joel Silverstein, Aimee Rubensteen & Richard McBee.

Co-producer, Dimensions of Spirituality – Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot, USC - Hillel Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

Curators Richard McBee & Aimee Rubensteen.

Co-producer, Letters from my Grandparents: The Art of Ruth Schreiber. Anne Frank Center USA, Feb. 4 - Apr 15, 2016. New York, NY.

Juror at Artists’ Beit Midrash, RAVSAK, New York, NY.


Co-producer New York / New Work: Contemporay Jewish Art from NYC, curated by Dvora Liss and David Sperber, by the Jewish Art Salon, at the Jerusalem Biennale.

Co-curator, The Jew as the Other, Yiddish New York Festival. Clemente Gallery, NYC. December 23 - 30, 2015. Fellow curators: Tine Kindermann and Deborah Ugoretz.

Assistant Curator, Rooted: The Ecological Duality of Nature and Jewish Identity. Manny Cantor Center, NYC. October 13 - December 12, 2015. Curator Aimee Rubensteen. Organized by AK Residency Program.

Curatorial Advisor, JOMIX - Jewish Comics; Art & Derivation,

Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art, Philadelphia. September 1 - November 1. Curators Joel Silverstein, Aimee Rubinsteen & Richard McBee. Catalog here

Curatorial Advisor, JOMIX - Jewish Comics; Art & Derivation;

UJA Federation, NYC. Feb 27-May 8. Opening Reception March 10.

Curators Joel Silverstein & Richard McBee.

Co-curator All Together Different; Manny Cantor Center, NYC, Feb 12-Apr 1. Curator Linda Griggs. Opening Reception Feb. 12, 7-9.

This Survey of Working Artists on the Lower East Side was opened by NYC DCLA chair Tom Finkelpearl with over 100 artists including Kiki Smith, Roger Welch, Richard Hambleton, Kembra Pfahler, Anton Van Dalen, David Sandlin, and Susannah Coffey.


Co-curator Lashon Hara, On the Consequences of Hate Speech. Art by Robin Atlas. Anne Frank Center USA, NYC. Dec 3-Feb 2015. Co-curator Rebecca Faulkner.

Curator The Jewish Waltz with Planet Earth. Art Kibbutz exhibit. Governor’s Island, NY. July 27- August 14.

Co-producer Judaism, Comic Books and Their Creators, workshop by Joel Silverstein. Hadas Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. May 18. Collaboration with YCROP.

Juror Art Kibbutz project at the New Museum’s Draftsmen’s Congress.

Co-producer Documenting Diaspora, lecture by Julian Voloj. March 14. Anne Frank Center USA. Collaboration with RJeneration.

Co-producer Recreating the Golem: From Prague to The Simpsons discussion with artist Mark Podwal and author Thane Rosenbaum. Feb. 4. Anne Frank Center USA.

Co-producer Exploring Identity - Mezuzah Making Workshop with Tobi Kahn. At Kahn’s studio, Long Island City. January 30. Collaboration with RJeneration.

Co-curator Faith & Form: Addressing Intolerance & Anti-semitism, Jan 15-March 28, 2014, Anne Frank Center USA, NYC.


Producer Screening of the documentary Punk Jews at the Lower East Side gallery Central Booking. With producers Saul Sudin & Evan Kleinman. November 25. Collaboration with YCROP. More info here.

Producer Finding Home Workshop by Siona Benjamin at the Tribeca Synagogue for the Arts, NYC, December 4. Collaboration with RJeneration.

Producer Still Small Voice: Jewish Heritage in Contemporary Art, Panel Discussion with Judith Joseph, Alison Kruvant, Isaac Peterson. Moderator Buzz Slutzky. Columbia Barnard Kraft Center, New York, NY. April 18.

Curator Warrior / Peacemaker, Graphic Novel by Julian Voloj. With drawings by Claudia Ahlering. Co-sponsored by the Jewish Art Salon and Bechol Lashon. Columbia Barnard Kraft Center, New York, NY. March 5-20.

Curator Into the Void - Works by Cynthia Beth Rubin, Columbia Barnard Kraft Center, New York, NY. Jan 26-March 15.

Producer Imagery After Abstraction: Filling the Void, Panel Discussion with Helene Aylon, Elisa Decker, Bruria Finkel, Cynthia Beth Rubin & others. Feb 12, 2013, NYC. Columbia Barnard Kraft Center, New York, NY.


Curator Fractured Epics: Historical Paintings and Imaginary Portraits by Joel Silverstein, Columbia Barnard Kraft Center, New York, NY. Catalog.

Organizer Jewish Narrative Painting, Panel Discussion with Joel Silverstein, Elke Reva Sudin, Eden Morris & Yona Verwer. Moderator Richard McBee. Columbia Barnard Kraft Center, New York, NY.

Co-curator Text and Context, Columbia Barnard Kraft Center, New York, NY.

Producer International Jewish Artists Session at the Skirball Center for Adult Jewish Learning, New York, NY.

Co-producer Silent Witnesses: Migration stories through Synagogues Transformed, Rebuilt, or Left Behind, Holocaust Memorial Center, Detroit MI.

    “An artists and scholars project and exhibition on how synagogues, as community institutions, stand as witness to the social upheavals of our time”.

Producer Jewish Artists Session at the Y.U. Museum, New York, NY.

Producer Graphic Details Session at the Y.U. Museum, New York, NY.

Producer Talmud Synesthesia, an Art / Jazz / Poetry event at the Center for Jewish Arts & Literacy, New York, NY.

Juror Voices / Visions, children’s poster contest, Grinspoon Foundation, New York, NY.

Juror Making Connections, Beth Torah, Brooklyn, NY. With co-juror Tobi Kahn.

Curator Pop-up Drink ‘N Draw Exhibit, Limmud NY.


Terror: American & Israeli Artists Respond, with co-curator Chava Evans. Industry City Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

Co-curator Jewish Art Salon’s 9-11, Educational Alliance, New York, NY

Producer Art Session with Tobi Kahn at the Rubinstein Gallery, New York, NY.

Producer Jewish Artists Session at the JCC Manhattan.

Co-curator Shma!, Online art exhibit by Jewish high school students; with the Aleph Institute, RAVSAK, Jewish Art Salon and Jewish Art Now.

Co-curator Global / Local, Online art exhibit with the Aleph Institute, Jewish Art Salon and Jewish Art Now.

Producer Artists Session at the HUC-JIR Museum, New York, NY.

Curator Mima’amakim, Community Synagogue, New York, NY



Curatorial Advisor Generation D: Identity, Flomenhaft Gallery, New York, NY

Curatorial Advisor Dura Europos Project, Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art, Philadelphia, PA       

Curatorial Advisor Seduced by the Sacred, Charter Oak Cultural Center, and the JCC, Hartford, CT



Curatorial Advisor at Tzelem: Likeness and Presence in Jewish Art, Stanton St Synagogue, NYC.


View here:

Curation & Production Press



Last night’s art event was for me “m’eyn olam ha-ba” – a taste of the world to come. With profound thanks and anticipation for what comes next!

Joanna Samuels, Executive Director, Manny Cantor Center, NYC.

You are an utter pleasure to work with! I hope this is just the beginning of our collaboration. Last night was a testament to all the work we put into this really paying off.


Emily Aldredge, Former Director, Educational Alliance Art School, NYC.

Yona was a pleasure to work with for my exhibition and artist's talk at the Kraft Center. She is very professional and organized, and because of her vision the exhibition was a great success. She knows her primary community but also knows how to create interesting programs to spark new interest and dialogue. Her enthusiasm is so great that she make magical projects come to life.

Cynthia Beth Rubin, Artist / Digital Art Committee Chair ACM Siggraph, New Haven, CT.

Yona is the organizer of the Jewish Art Salon I have been attending. She is wonderful in bringing this diverse group of people together.

Her vision, coupled with people skills and attention to details, has created a lot of activities and growth for our program. Her vibrant and enthusiastic personality is reflected in her artwork as well!

Siona Benjamin, artist, Montclair, NJ.

Yona and I worked closely together at Columbia/Barnard Kraft Center exhibition "Text and Context". There were a lot of moving parts: an International group exhibition, my solo exhibition and several events during the run of the show. Yona was impressively easy to work with, open to new ideas and clear about directions and organization. Her big picture thinking and professional personality created the atmosphere of success that the exhibition proved to be.

Ellen Alt, Artist, NYC


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