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You put together an extraordinary show that makes us feel proud to be housing and hosting it in our space. Last night's event was, for me "m'eyn olam ha-ba" - a taste of the world to come. Meaning, seeing such a beautiful diversity of people in our space, mingling and conversing and celebrating this neighborhood was, for me such a powerful affirmation of why I love my job. 

   I am also so proud that the art exhibition at The Manny Cantor Center, All Together Different, will be featured on PBS tomorrow night!

   Grateful beyond the beyond to our sensational curatorial rock stars, Yona Verwer and Linda Griggs. With profound thanks and anticipation for what comes next!

– Joanna Samuels, Executive Director, Manny Cantor Center, NYC

I love the mural you did for us; it transforms the room!

  1. -Liz Cho, News Anchor, WABC-TV, NYC

Working with you on the Eruv exhibition was a key milestone on my journey through the Y.U.Museum, and crucial in my development as a curator so far. Beyond being one of the more memorable projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on, it was particularly successful as a tool for civic engagement -- something I hope for all of my work to do.

- Zachary Levine, Curator, Washington DC

Yona is a very skilled artist, who did a wonderful job for us in a large Tribeca space.  Her work included murals on walls as well as ceiling coffers throughout our home. Our favorite is a 360 degree mural she created in our daughter’s room. She is also exceptionally meticulous and considerate of others living and/or working in the space. We highly recommend her.

  1. -Mary Gerzema, VP Global Media, Shiseido; John Gerzema, Author & Speaker, NYC

The Jewish Art Salon, through the dedication of Yona Verwer, has made a name for itself in its mission to promote art on Jewish subjects. It is a unique resource for artists and art professionals.

  1. -Mark Podwal, Artist, NYC

Yona is a joy to work with & incredibly talented at her craft. She is undoubtedly dedicated and passionate from conceptualization to final product.

We’ve hired Yvonne for a variety of projects involving mural work, etc. Her fine art paintings are in a league of their own and they transform their space into something entirely new.

  1. -Angela Santomero, Chief Creative Officer, Out of the Blue Enterprises; Co-Creator/Exec. Producer, Blue’s Clues; & Greg Santomero, Creative Director, Santo Studios Design.

Your murals in our store still look FABULOUS...

- Linda Horn, Linda Horn Antiques, NYC.

You are an utter pleasure to work with! I hope this is just the beginning of our collaboration. Last night was a testament to all the work we put into this really paying off.


  - Emily Aldredge, Former Director, Educational Alliance Art School, NYC

Yona and I worked closely together at Columbia/Barnard Kraft Center exhibition “Text and Context”. There were a lot of moving parts: an international group exhibition, my solo exhibition and several events during the run of the show. Yona was impressively easy to work with, open to new ideas and clear about directions and organization. Her big picture thinking and professional personality created the atmosphere of success that the exhibition proved to be.

  1. -Ellen Alt, Artist and Educator, NYC


Thank you for your engaging lecture when The Jewish Museum devoted a day on The Jews of The Netherlands. Terrific presentation! You provided wonderful insights, and an inside view of the difference between the Jewish art world in the US and Europe.

  1. -Marcia Miller, Director of Membership, The Jewish Museum, NYC

I am so glad that the students were able to see then, as well, ask questions, and listen to you discuss your inspiration and experience as an artist. Although we had more students than anticipated, I know they were very interested in all you had to say, and walked away with a lot of exciting and creative ideas.

  1. -Ruth Duran-Chea, Art Department, The Equity Project Charter School

Your lecture on contemporary Jewish art was a big success. I will be happy to recommend you to all other JCCs.

  1. -Tina Block, Director of Adult Services, Suffolk YJCC, Commack, NY

Classes & Workshops

On Yom Ha'atzmaut 5770, our festivities included an exhibit of the artwork our high school students created when Yona Verwer visited Akiva. There were many proud students and lots of appreciative comments about the talent and originality on exhibit.

Yona's PowerPoint presentation coupled with entertaining explanations, kept the students' attention. During the 'hands-on" part of the presentation, Yona engaged even the most reluctant artists. The amulet paintings they created were original, and showed creativity that delighted all the viewers, including the students themselves.

I look forward to arranging another workshop with Yona next semester.

  1. -Chaye Kohl, Education Director, Akiva Hebrew Day School, Southfield, MI

Thanks for all! You were such an amazing teacher to my daughter. I am glad the two of you clicked, and the artwork she was able to produce because of your guidance is the best effort she has ever attempted. Thank you for putting in so much time to make her presentation so special and meaningful.

  1. -Alice GottesmanPresident, JCC Manhattan, NYC

The work and work ethic of Yona Verwer was always excellent. I originally brought her on as one of SAR High School's Artist's In Residence.

The students found her very knowledgeable, approachable and members of the SAR community, from the Administration, to the parent body, to the students and teachers are constantly commenting on the high quality and beauty of her work. I highly recommend Yona Verwer and her artwork.

- David Friedman, Fine Art Curriculum Coordinator, SAR High School, Riverdale, NY.

Thank you, Yona! Your session left 30+ college students buzzing with excitement about art. Your method of instruction was fresh, your materials cutting-edge, and the subject matter, amulets, made our students think about the intersection of art, spirituality, pop culture, and identity. Thanks again.

- Goldie Gross, President Baruch College Arts Club, NYC

It was an absolute treat for our students to get to spend time with such a cool artist. I only hope we have more reasons to work together.

- David Weinreb, Director of High School Enrichment, Equity Project Charter School, NYC

My daughter just LOVES your class and can't stop talking about the creativity in the classroom and the Jewish knowledge. Congrats!


  1. -Efi C., Parent, Jewish Journeys, JCC Manhattan, NYC

I want to thank you for a great semester. My son always looked forward to your class and made many beautiful objects we will treasure. We're so glad you're doing the other class as well, as the quality of the projects was so high.

  - Donna G., Parent, Jewish Journeys, JCC Manhattan, NYC


Thanks a lot for your help with the ArtSprinter project! I really appreciate your support!

  1. -    Katya Bychkova, http://theartsprinter.com

Thank you so much Yona, for your advice and wisdom.

  1. -   Valentina Loseva, COJECO Blueprint Fellow

Thank you so much for your help in organizing the Speak Memory exhibit at the Columbia/Barnard Kraft Center!

  1. -   Tanya Levina, COJECO Blueprint Fellow


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